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Chance’s Surgery

July 4th, 2014 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Chance had his surgery on the 1st and it went very well.  We were able to check on him frequently, but it seemed that he was enjoying his stay at the vet.  We got him home on the 3rd and we were pleasantly surprised at how well he was doing already.  He is able to walk around already and is much happier than before the surgery.  He will get his stitches out on the 15th or 16th and will also begin his chemo treatments at the same time.  We are so happy with the results of the surgery and can’t wait to see how much he improves over the next few weeks.  More to come….




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  • benny55

    WELCOME HOME CHANCE!!! Let the healing begin, as well as more loving and spoiling than you could ever imagine possible!!

    Independent from pain!! Yeah, Happy Independence Day to you!! Yet another reason to celebrate this day!!

    Isn’t it astonishing at how quickly they adapt to three legs?! Now, if he has a little “crash” as all the hospital meds work there way out of his system, don’t be alarmed. Sometimes this happens and pain meds have to be adjusted.

    Let us ow when he has his first poop at home! Yeah, we celebrate anything around here!!

    Gonna have to co e back and look at the videos…my tablet is freezing up.

    Sending you the best wishes for a speedy recovery as you head to yor pain free fun and glorious life!!!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  • trituck

    Glad to see Chance’s surgery went so well! He looks great.

    Tucker, a ten year old Chocolate lab, also had his right front leg amputated nine months ago and he has adapted really well to life as a tripawd.

    The first few weeks might be a bit of a roller coaster as Chance gets accustomed to his new reality but once his pain meds are reduced, the sutures are removed and he no longer has to wear the “dreaded cone of shame” I bet the “old” Chance will be back.

    Give Chance a snuggle for us – and remember to take care of yourself too.


    Linda and Tucker

  • benny55

    YAAAAAY! I just knpw got to see Chance’s videps!! You are making me grin ear to ear over here Chance!,

    You look wonderful! Take it easy though sweet boy, okay!

    Keep these great updates coming!

  • jerry

    Lookin’ great Chance! I’m diggin the videos, put them in our “Tripawds Before and After Surgery” playlist, thanks for sharing. We look forward to more! Let us know how we can help OK?

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