Chance 1 Week After Surgery

Chance has done really well in his first week home.  He is eating great and going to the bathroom normally.  Every now and then he will whimper if he lays in one place for too long, but he usually gets over it pretty quick.  There have been a few occasions where he woke up in the middle of the night and panicked a little, but for the most part, he has been a really happy boy.  Below is a picture of his stitches, which are doing well.  He is still swollen and a little bruised, but not nearly as bad as when he came home.  He goes in on the 15th of July to have is stitches removed and start his first chemo treatment.  We are really happy with how well Chance has done after the surgery and hope that he continues to get better as we go through the chemo.  More to come…

1 Week After Surgery
1 Week After Surgery



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Chance’s Surgery

Chance had his surgery on the 1st and it went very well.  We were able to check on him frequently, but it seemed that he was enjoying his stay at the vet.  We got him home on the 3rd and we were pleasantly surprised at how well he was doing already.  He is able to walk around already and is much happier than before the surgery.  He will get his stitches out on the 15th or 16th and will also begin his chemo treatments at the same time.  We are so happy with the results of the surgery and can’t wait to see how much he improves over the next few weeks.  More to come….