Chance 1 Week After Surgery

Chance has done really well in his first week home.  He is eating great and going to the bathroom normally.  Every now and then he will whimper if he lays in one place for too long, but he usually gets over it pretty quick.  There have been a few occasions where he woke up in the middle of the night and panicked a little, but for the most part, he has been a really happy boy.  Below is a picture of his stitches, which are doing well.  He is still swollen and a little bruised, but not nearly as bad as when he came home.  He goes in on the 15th of July to have is stitches removed and start his first chemo treatment.  We are really happy with how well Chance has done after the surgery and hope that he continues to get better as we go through the chemo.  More to come…

1 Week After Surgery
1 Week After Surgery



P.S.  Thanks to all who have commented on the posts so far.  We really appreciate the kind words and are thankful to be part of a community as supportive as


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I am a chocolate lab living in Wesley Chapel, FL. The vet said I was about a year old when I found my parents on Valentine's Day of 2008. I started limping in May 2014 and was diagnosed with OSA. I am having my leg amputated in July with Chemo to follow.

5 thoughts on “Chance 1 Week After Surgery”

  1. That’s such good news, well done Chance.

    Our rottie is 48 hours post front amp due to osteosarcoma and I’ve just had an update from the vet and he’s doing well. Hopefully he’ll be home early next week so long as he continues to make good progress.


  2. Gosh, Chance’s site really looks good for just one week out!

    Yeah, my Happy Hannah whimpered a lot during that first week! Ugh! Sounds like Chance is doing just fine!

    And the videos! WOW!! I found myself saying “Good boy Chance” and clapping wildly for him!! Good boy indeed!

    Love this update and pics! Oh! And his two little buddies are adorable! It looks like they were on stand -by if Chance needed any help!


    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. Chance looks wonderful!

    And he is doing so very well since his surgery.

    Keep up the good work, Chance


    Linda and Tucker

  4. Chance’s incision site looks really good. I’m glad that things are getting back to normal with going to the bathroom. It took Leland about 5 days before he had a bowel movement and he really struggled with the first one.

    Leland was a hind leg amp but he didn’t wimper or cry out at night. I’m not sure what the difference would be between a hind and front leg amp regarding pain. I had Leland on Gabapentin for pain management and from what I’ve read through the ebooks offered through Tripawd that drug helps with “phantom limb pain”. It may be something to check into if Chance isn’t on that particular med.

    Keep up the good work Chance!!
    Sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery!

    Sahana and her Angel Leland

  5. Good work Chance! Keep it up! Its great your pawrents are doing those exercises with you. Sending lots of tripawd strength s0 you get well soon!

    Codie Rae and the Oaktown Pack

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